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The Fourth Chequered Background

This is the fourth checkered background; outline it and gild it like you made the previous background, and paint it with simple blue and dark red, and cross it through with black; and make white and red dots into the blue, and into the red, white or red dots, as is shown here.

Take one ounce of tin, which is well purified, and place it into a goldsmith's melting pot and let it melt well over coals; and then take one ounce of quicksilver, which is also purified, and pour the quicksilver into the melted tin over the fire and then stir it together with a wire or stylus, and then take it off the fire and let it grow cold, and after that grind it on a grindstone very fine and then wash it in pure water, until it flows readily. After that, take it and spread it out in the sun on a board or on a paper or whatever you like. If it is not cold, let it dry real well. After that take one ounce of sal ammoniac and one ounce of live sulphur, the same amount. These you also grind together, but not with the tin and the quicksilver. Thus you have together four ounces, two ounces the tin and quicksilver together, and then once again two ounces together, namely the sal ammoniac and the live sulphur. Then take a scale and weigh the first two ounces of tin and quicksilver. Then if it correctly makes two ounces, take the other two ounces of sal ammoniac and live sulphur, that it too makes two ounces. Everything together, tin, quicksilver, sal ammoniac, and live sulphur, that makes together four ounces. Then take a glass which is called little nun, which should be large. The glass you cover with pure glue, with horse manure, and with well-beaten salt; put that


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Source: Hellmut Lehmann-Haupt, The Göttingen Model Book. Columbia 2nd ed. 1978