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around the glass in the thickness of half a finger up to the neck and let it dry well. Then take the four ounces and put them into the glass; and this should be so large, that the mixture, the four ounces do not reach up to the middle of the glass; and put a little piece of wood into the top of the glass and take then a pot, which should be so large, that the glass fits into it completely; or you may take a large pot, and it too you should cover well with the above-mentioned glue and let it dry. Then take fine sand or sifted ashes and put the glass with the mixture into the pot or the large pot and into the sand or the ashes around it up to the neck; and place this on a tripod or on a stone and make under and around it a fire of coal, gently at first, until the mixture melts; and leave the glass open at the top until no more smoke comes out of it, and let it burn on a steady fire XII hours, and let it then cool off by itself and break open the glass, and if God is willing you will have good aurum musicum. The aurum musicum you grind and temper it as is written above. §


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Source: Hellmut Lehmann-Haupt, The Göttingen Model Book. Columbia 2nd ed. 1978