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Then make dots into the green, also into the middle vein, and for that take well-ground lead yellow, temper it with gum, so that it flows easily from the brush. The lead yellow is not meant for the red, but for the green. It is better on green, it is the best. Then heighten the green foliage on the other side towards the green shading with lead yellow, in the same way as the red with the lead white, so here the green with the lead yellow, as it is shown here. §

Minium and purple, these two colors belong together on the foliage, one on the right and the other side left; and you shall first draw the foliage with a lead, then retrace it with a pen, and then paint in the minium or the purple color, one side minium or purple and the underside purple or minium, as you like, as it is shown here.

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Source: Hellmut Lehmann-Haupt, The Göttingen Model Book. Columbia 2nd ed. 1978