fol. 2r
voriges Blattnaechstes Blatt
and also not too thin, that is to say an ink, which is not too thin, so that it flows easily from the brush. With this you shade the light red, namely with the watery red. with little strokes, as it is shown here. Then take dark green and temper it with pure water, but do not stir it with the finger, but let the fluid dissolve by itself, that it gets as thick as thin ink. With it you shade the green, namely with the watery dark green, the same way as the red, and as it is shown here.

Then take lead white, which shall be well ground, and with it heighten the light red with a brush on the shaded part of the leaf or the foliage, and so. that the little strokes of white are smaller, as is shown here. Then make on the middle vein, which shall be a double line, with a brush and the lead white little dots, as it is shown here.

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Source: Hellmut Lehmann-Haupt, The Göttingen Model Book. Columbia 2nd ed. 1978