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Digitised Documents Gutenberg and his Impact
The Göttingen Gutenberg Bible (ca. 1454) Johann Gutenberg: His Life
  All 1282 pages of both volumes   Facts, places and dates which played a role in Gutenberg' s life
The Göttingen Model Book (ca. 1450) Helmasperger's Notarial Instrument
  12 double pages with English transcription   Description of the legal document which records the dispute between Gutenberg and his backer Johannes Fust
Helmasperger's Notarial Instrument of 6 November 1455 The Period before Printed Books
  Facsimile with transcription of the original, English translation and comment of the most important passages   Copying Techniques from classical antiquity to the invention of letterpress printing
Illumination Gutenberg's Epoch-Making Achievement
  Illuminated pages of the Gutenberg Bible   The fundamental principles of Gutenberg's invention
  Compare Model Book - Pages of the Bible Letterpress Printing
  Compare pages of the Bible - Model Book   Book Manufacture in a printer's shop
Passages from the Bible The "Work of the Books", the 42-line Latin Bible
A selection of well-known Bible texts from the Bible compared to the original Hebrew and Greek text and Translations   About the Bible project between 1452/53 and 1456
Printing after Gutenberg
  The spread of the art of printing, changes in book production and Gutenberg's vindication
  German The Impact of Printing
  English The Göttingen Vellum Copy of the B42
  French The Göttingen Model Book
      Description of the Model Book used for the illuminations in the Göttingen B42
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  The Göttingen exhibition "Gutenberg und seine Wirkung" (Gutenberg and his Impact), accessible from 20 June 2000 in the Internet    
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