The Helmasperger Notarial Instrument


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The Helmasperger Instrument was donated to the University Library in 1741 by Johann David Köhler, a Göttingen historian. In the same year, on the basis of this document, Köhler provided some new insights into Gutenberg research and contributed to the vindication of Johannes Gutenberg as the inventor of letterpress printing. (Printing after Gutenberg)

Karl DziatzkoLater, the manuscript was forgotten and first rediscovered in 1886 by Karl Dziatzko.

You can view a transcription of the Helmarsperger Instrument, a translation into High German and English as well as an interpretation of the contents of the document in German and English. The text has been divided into 16 sections for this purpose.

View the original document.


View the original document

The Period before Printed Books