The "Work of the Books" - the 42-line Latin Bible

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After the printing process was completed - which initially was done without any colored decoration - the rubricators and illuminators took over. Thus the completed Bible resembled a manuscript.

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The rubricators' task was to emphasize certain "Nomina Sacra" (holy names/words) with a thin red line or to mark individual capital letters at the beginnings of sentences in order to facilitate the reading of the Bible.

Rubrication of the letter "G" in the word "Gratia" (Grace) - Montage
  The illuminators' task was to decorate the printed text with decorative initials and foliage. 2 to 10 lines, depending on the importance of the position, were kept free during the printing for the magnificent initials. The purchasers of the Bible could then decide what type of decoration they wanted and what school of painting should carry out the work. Thus every Bible was unique.