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The smoke black is the best for illuminating. You shall soak it for fourteen days and every day pour off the water and pour pure well water over it; and you shall grind it well with gum water and temper it therewith, not too strong, that it flows well from the pen, to outline the gold with it.

The purple color, make it thus: Take good powdery blue, which is real fine, and add to it dark rose or litmus and lead white. Temper this together and it will turn purple. If you want to have it light, take more lead white. If you want to have it dark, take more of the red. If you want to have it bluer, take more of the blue; and then temper it like the rose with gum water. || How one shall shade all colors and with what || and shall heighten them and with what.

The blue, the aurum musicum, the red, which is light, green, minium and purple, all these colors one shall shade and also temper in the same way as it is described previously for the foliage and is depicted.

Lead white and lead yellow, shade with it the dark rose or the dark green or use a thin black, and heighten the lead white with the lead yellow. These are the dead colors, with which one shades and heightens.


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Source: Hellmut Lehmann-Haupt, The Göttingen Model Book. Columbia 2nd ed. 1978