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After that take lead white, and with a small brush you heighten both colors, as it is written above and as it is shown here.

The assis or the great gold ground you make thus: Fetch ground chalk, which is ground well and is also well dried, from a painter. This chalk, grind it once more on a grindstone with well-beaten egg white; and then fetch bolum armenum at the apothecary's, and grind so much into it, that the chalk will turn a red flesh color therefrom. If there is as much of the chalk there as a small tree nut, then take of the bolus, as much as a small hazelnut and grind it well into the chalk with the egg white; and then take sugar-candy as much as half a hazelnut, that is to say half as much as of the bolus; and then take cinnabar as much as half a pea. Rub all this well together with the egg white, that it becomes like lard, and then put it into a horn, which should be clean, and stir it with a small piece of wood and temper it to the thickness of cinnabar, so that it flows easily from the pen; and let it then macerate and add again and again egg white, until it is well macerated, and stir it well; and let it stand three or four days, and the longer it stands, the better it is and will be. §


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Source: Hellmut Lehmann-Haupt, The Göttingen Model Book. Columbia 2nd ed. 1978