Click on one of the pages listed below in order to compare the Model Book pattern with examples from the the Gutenberg Bible.
Band/Volume 1 Band/Volume 2

fol. 005r

fol. 102r

fol. 147r

fol. 177r


fol. 147r

fol. 268r

fol. 308v

Above and below the examples of the Model Book on the left - framed in black - you will find buttons which enable you to magnify (Zoom in) and to reduce (Zoom out) the picture. If you move the mouse over one of the four smaller buttons in the middle the picture will be moved upwards, downwards, to the left or right. The Internet Explorer does not support the function of the Zoom buttons. Alternativ you may open the context menue by clicking the right mouse button (Win 9x/NT) or by clicking the mouse button during pressing "control" (MacOS) and then click on "Zoom in" and "Zoom out". You can move the enlarged page by hand by pressing the mouse button over the page. A selection of examples for illuminated pages of the Bible can be found above. A single click on one of those links makes a detail from the illumination appear in this field.