We prepared a selection of familiar passages from the Bible where the version of the Vulgate text can be compared to those of other languages.

KlickStart with choosing a passage from the Bible by using the left-hand pulldown menue. Click once on the rectangular field. A list of available passages will appear. Move the mouse onto the desired passage in order to mark it, then click again. The Vulgate text of the Gutenberg Bible will now appear below the pulldown menue.

Initially this text will be compared with a latin fair copy.

KlickUsing the right-hand pulldown menue you can choose additional languages. Depending on wether you are in the Old or New Testament there is an offer of the Hebrew or Greek original. Beside this you will find three modern languages (German, French and English). When selecting a language please proceed in the same way as with the selection of the Bible passage.

Liste der Bibelstellen (deutsch) List of verses (english) Liste de verset (francaise)